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The perfect commuter

Welcome to your ‘have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too’ scooter. This is the choice for those who want it all. You can do big trips without making a dent on your petrol gauge. You can hit over 100kph on the motorway and not hear a struggle from the engine. You can even take a passenger and both your bags with its 25L under-seat storage and new optional 35L top box.
The secret behind this picture-perfect model is its stop-start engine system, a world-first in a scooter. This money-saving technology shuts down the engine on cue when its 14-inch wheels stop rotating, and instantly starts up again as soon as the throttle is given a twist. This gives a miraculous 263km from the 5.9L tank, a mere $10 at fill-up. Doing any trip will soon be a no-brainer. Much like this beaut’ of a scoot’.


The PCX150 is fuel efficient and super quiet thanks to its 153cc four-stroke engine with enhanced Smart Power technology. The Combined Brake System equalises braking power to ensure that stopping - even in slippery and wet conditions - is smooth and safe, and a familiar dashboard provides a speedo and fuel gauge just like you’re used to.

Anyone can be confident on the PCX150. It’s LAMS approved and perfect for learner riders, with a tight 1.98m turning radius and low 761mm seat height for easy parking and stop-start urban riding. The lockable under-seat storage fits your helmet or shopping, and this stylish and sporty commuter is available in a choice of four classic colours.

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