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The ultimate farm workhorse

Built specifically for New Zealand’s demanding farming conditions, the CTX200 is a thoroughbred of workhorses. Feature packed, this CTX is about farming Comfort, Technology and Experience. Its 8.5 litre tank with 1.8 litre reserve is purposefully designed for long-range riding, so you can ride all day and all the way to the back of the station.
Its front and back racks carry tones of gear, plus the sheepdog, and it has an Electric Start with a Kick Start back-up. It’s also incredibly easy to maintain; you don’t need to put much in to get many many years out. All-in-all this is one very economical, reliable and durable addition to the farming family. The only question now is how many to get.


The CTX200 is driven by a compact 197cc single-cylinder, air cooled, four-stroke engine which delivers a strong, broad spread of power and torque. The large-diameter front forks with long 158mm travel improve the ride and handling of the machine, whilst the XR-inspired Pro-Link single shock rear suspension and rubber-mounted handlebars offer a controlled and comfortable ride for long hours in the saddle.

The wide ratio five-speed transmission is perfectly suited to the extremes of farm use; it can handle the slow walking pace of a dairy herd or comfortably travel at a higher transport speed for longer distances. Other farming features include big foot side stands to prevent sinking into soft ground, and a manual clutch with handlebar mounted lock to enable rider-dismounts whilst still in gear
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