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229cc - 2WD - Manual

The little quad that does it all

If you’re looking at getting a TRX250TM, it means your pretty sweet lifestyle is about to get even better. This small-sized, 2-wheel-drive manual transmission ATV suits anyone and everyone that likes to get around on the flat. Ride it down a beach, take it fishing, swing it around your lifestyle block or down a golf course.
The TRX250TM is lightweight, easy to handle and very fuel efficient. It hosts a wet sump 229cc 4-stroke OHV air-cooled engine, and a closed crankcase vent system that safeguards against engine oil contamination. Being 2WD it is not specifically designed for towing. However the manual 5-speed gearbox with an automatic clutch means you’ve got plenty of control to inject excitement into any straight. A big bonus is also its size. As the smallest in the range, this TRX250TM is ideal for storing in your garage along with all your other gadgets and gizmos.


Don’t go thinking that the smallest ATV in the Honda range misses out on the best features - the TRX250TM just squeezes them into a smaller, lighter package. Large cargo racks front and rear are ideal for transporting essential items, and a snorkel-type air-intake system makes water crossings safe and easy. LED tail and brake lights and a dual headlight system mean you don’t need to stop working or playing when night falls or the weather turns on you, and the drive back to the farmhouse through the mud and rain is made a walk in the park thanks to the aggressively treaded tyres.

The keyed ignition switch adds security and safety, and the electric-start engine is a breeze to operate. The engine is rubber-cushion mounted to reduce vibration and driver fatigue, the controls are all durable, comfortable and easy-to-use, and the ergonomically designed seating provides a comfortable operating position for a wide range of rider sizes. You really can’t go wrong with a TRX250TM.
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